Africa IP Network Meeting | Pretoria

The effects of the global pandemic saw the cancellation of a number of events throughout the world and across all disciplines. Our flagship event, the annual Adams & Adams Africa Network Meeting was similarly affected and this led to the cancellation of what would have been our 8th Network Meeting.

The annual Adams & Adams Africa Network Meeting, which takes place at the Adams & Adams Head Office in Pretoria, South Africa, best demonstrates the depth, scope, growth and maturity of the Adams & Adams Africa Network. The inaugural meeting took place in 2012 and brought together more than 60 lawyers and IP administrators from over 25 African countries.

The central thrust of the Africa Network Meeting continues to be about sharing information, exchange of knowledge, and positive engagement with members of the Network. This platform has improved the quality of the service that we are providing to our clients as we are able to have one-on-one meetings with members of our Network and are able to discuss specific client matters to ensure a common, agreed approach that provides the best outcome for client. This past year we were able to maintain our relationships with our Network through a series of Zoom meetings. It seems likely that this will be the case again in 2021, as regional travel for non-essential reasons is unadvisable.  

Despite the challenges of the past year the Adams & Adams Network has exceeded expectations and pulled together to continue to provide unparalleled service to our clients in South Africa and across the world.  To celebrate and recognise the resilience of the continent and its people during the Covid-19 pandemic, members of our Africa Network participated in a video message entitled ‘From Africa With Love’.

We believe that through co-operation and collaboration, we will emerge stronger as a continent and we look forward to a brighter future filled with hope, opportunity, prosperity, and happiness.